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CertainSum1 CertainSum1 6 November 2011

My "I Love Lucy" observations

Desi Arnaz mouths many of the other actors' lines (as you've mentioned in your "trivia" in certain episodes.) In "The Courtroom" he mouths Fred's line of "...It is not like yours! Yours WORKS!" (referring to their tv set.) I particularly love the scene in this episode where the Ricardos are struggling with managing the heavy tv set down the stairs. It's CLASSIC, well-written dialogue and interaction between a male & female and their near-opposite perspectives and focuses on getting the unpleasant task done. My husband and I laugh at this episode so much together because it's exactly what we'd each think about the situation...I'd even be worried about the bow, as Lucy is :) Every word and facial expression in this scene is funny to me...spo…

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