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Ricky has some of his old friends from Cuba over to visit, and Lucy has to overcome the language barrier in order to communicate with them. All is well and good until Ricky's Cuban pals mention that Ricky should dance a number with old partner Renita Perez. Once a little girl, Renita is now a sexy bombshell, and jealous Lucy takes over Renita's part.


  • Even though we are never told the color of Lucy's dress that she wears in the number at the club, it would be cool if it had been a bright red dress, going very appropriately with Ricky singing "Lady in Red."
  • When Ricky accidentally translates to Maria and Carlos in English, this was a genuine flub. Desi's real-life mistake seems like it was meant to happen, since he covered for it so effortlessly. But Desi's laughter and reaction are genuine, since the translation error was by accident. The fact that this is the only time in the entire series that Desi lapses into speaking the wrong language is a testament to his acting talent and superior memory.
  • In the original script, at the very end, Ethel is mad at Lucy, because she has just received a telegram from Fred. He took Renita all the way to Atlantic City, and they're living it up! This scene was cut for time.
  • One of the better examples of a genuine plot conflict which mushrooms into a small catastrophe: Lucy, still jealous from seeing the "Lady In Red" rehearsal between Ricky and Renita, never learns that Renita is actually not performing with Ricky in the end (remember he was so winded from the rehearsal and admits he's not as young as he used to be); a message arrives that her original partner Ramon has arrived after all to do the 'African wedding dance' with her, not the 'Lady In Red' rhumba. So Lucy got rid of Renita for nothing!! When Lucy comes onstage in that fabulous velvet gown, she still thinks she's going to dance with Ricky- until she hears the change in the music!!   


  • Lucy: Both of my parents had red hair!

Ricky: (talking in Spanish) ...con una "henna rinse."

Lucy: I have an idea my hair suffered in the translation...

  • Ethel: Lucy, I don't trust you being so pals-y wal-sy with [Renita]. What are you planning to do?

Lucy: Oh, you're so smart!

  • Fred: (as "cab driver") Don't you worry, lady. I know a shortcut through Pil-a-del-pia!