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When Lucy and Ethel accidentally pledge $500 each for a charity drive, they resort to dressing up like Martians on top of the Empire State Building as part of a publicity stunt for fast money.


  • Lucy went to school with socialite Cynthia Harcourt.
  • Cynthia Harcourt goes to Miami for the winter. Lucy lies and says that she goes to West Palm Beach.
  • Lucy also lies and says that her tiny New York apartment serves as Ricky's coat closet.
  • While looking for money, Lucy found 51 cents, a button, a nail file, and an old piece of Christmas candy in the couch. Ethel found 76 cents in one of Fred's coats.
  • Science-fiction was quite popular in the 1950s.
  • This is Jess Oppenheimer's least-favorite episode; he felt it was too unrealistic.
  • Interestingly, one of Lucy and Ethel's "Martian" words sounds like "zorch," which, of course, is destroyed by the go-bloots and helps our bodies perform the involuntary process of trummeling.
  • Mattel made Lucy and Ethel Martian dolls, but this was the only doll set in the entire Lucy-themed series that were not full-size dolls. Instead, Lucy and Ethel were miniature, made from Kelly dolls.
  • Lucy was a master at using props, but a simple napkin tripped her up at the end of this episode. The napkin flies out of her hand onto the floor when she's hitting Desi/Ricky at the end.
  • You can't see Wichita from the top of the Empire State Building


  • Ricky: Why do you envy those [rich society] people?

Lucy: I don't envy them. I just wish I could dress like them and live the way they do, that's all.

Ricky: Honey, the only way to be real happy is to be satisfied with what you've got.

Lucy: Oh? What have I got?

Ricky: ME!

Lucy: My cup runneth over.

  • Ricky: Money always marries money.

Lucy: Yeah, why doesn't money ever marry broke?

  • Lucy: What if I'm not living in the lap of luxury? I'm happy where I am, on the bony knees of nothing.
  • Cynthia Harcourt: Parlez-vous francais?

Lucy: How's that again?

Cynthia: Do you speak French?

Lucy: Oh, yes! Fluently!

Cynthia: Oh, Lucy, you're so droll!

  • Lucy: We live a very simple life. We have a tiny little place. We're just normal, average people.

Cynthia: Well, how many [servants] DO you have?

Lucy: (waits until Ricky leaves room) Eight.

Cynthia: My, you MUST have a tiny place...

  • Cynthia: Renita gave seven, Adele gave six, and Hazel gave six.

Lucy: Oh, I had no idea that such a sniggly bit would count!

  • Ricky: There you go again- wanting something that you haven't got.

Lucy: I do not! I just want to see what it is that I haven't got that I don't want.

  • Lucy: This dump is just a place for Ricky to hang his clothes. We spend most of our time in the country.

Cynthia: Oh, this is your townhouse?

Lucy: Well, it's really our town closet!

  • Cynthia: Sounds like our summer place. Where's yours?

Lucy: Where's yours?

Cynthia: Bucks County.

Lucy: Oh, ours is in Westchester.

  • Cynthia: You're going to Florida!

Lucy: Why not?

Cynthia: Well, so are we! Where do you go in Florida? Miami or West Palm Beach?

Lucy: You go West Palm Beach, huh?

Cynthia: Miami.

Lucy: Oh, we go West Palm Beach.

Cynthia: But, darling, the harbor's so small there. What do you do with your yacht?

Lucy: To make it fit, we crank down the smokestack and squeeze in the poop deck.

  • Ethel: You can put me down for five, too.

Cynthia: Oh, marvelous, Mrs. Hertz!

Ethel: It's MERTZ! You spell it with an "M"!

  • Cynthia: (writing in her book) Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo, $500...

Lucy: Cynthia, we didn't really mean to give $500.

Cynthia: (excitedly) $5000?

Lucy: Oh, no...

Cynthia: Well, you certainly couldn't have meant $5!

Lucy: Oh, no!

Cynthia: Well, what DID you mean?

Lucy: I guess we meant $500...

  • Ethel: Oh, her business manager makes out all my checks, too.

Cynthia: Oh?

Ethel: I just love his handwriting!

  • Lucy: I'm checking the branch of the First National Couch [for money].
  • Lucy: I even opened teh baby's piggy bank.

Ethel: What'd you find?

Lucy: Three IOUs from Ricky.

  • Lucy: Do you want your name in that little book with $5 printed after it?

Ethel: Why not? For me, that's good!

  • Lucy: Well, WE'RE girls!

Ethel: We are?

Lucy: If you divide everybody into boys and girls, we're girls!

  • Hal Sparks: (explaining part of plan about being Martians) Now, that's where you come in.

Ethel: That's where I go OUT!

  • Martian Lucy: It's a moo-moo!