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Lucy is sick of Ricky making a mess of the house, so she divides the apartment in two. She gets the right side of the living room and the kitchen, and Ricky gets the left side of the living room and the bedroom/bathroom. Lucy is annoyed when Ricky asks her to clean up the whole apartment "perfectly, all of it" when a magazine reporter is coming to visit. She doesn't like that Ricky doesn't keep the house neat for her, only for publicity. So, Lucy trashes the house before the reporter's arrival.


  • The maid at the Tropicana that Ricky dances with is named Maggie.
  • The cover on the issue of Halfbeat Magazine says that there's an article featuring Tommy Dorsey.
  • Part of the scene while Lucy and Ricky are waiting for the Mertzes to arrive at the newly divided apartment was cut from syndication, because there was a Phillip Morris sponsor mention. The DVD restores this scene. Lucy originally goes to share the cigarettes with Ricky, but there's only one left in the pack. So, she breaks it in half and says to Ricky, "You get Phillip, I get Morris." The Mertzes ring the doorbell right after this line. In the syndicated version, it looks as if quite a bit of time has elapsed before the Mertzes arrive, making it look like Lucy and Ricky were waiting for a good while.
  • This episode was re-aired during Lucy's maternity leave, with an added "flashback" intro. Ethel and Fred are all excited, because there's an article about Ricky in the new issue of Look. Ricky acts like it's no big deal, so much so that Ethel calls him "blase." When looking for scissors to cut out the article, Ethel finds a whole stack Look copies that Ricky bought, blowing his blase cover. Ricky said that he bought so many copies to make up for the last time he got an article in Look. This leads in to the threesome reminiscing about how Lucy ruined the last Look photo shoot.
  • My favorite part of this episode is when Ricky performs "Big Straw Hat" with Maggie (the cleaning lady and his "best critic") looking on, then dancing with him and joining in the number at the end- each of them with a straw hat. That's the kind of magic spontaneity you have in musical films. Glorious!!


  • Lucy: How can you men be so sloppy and dirty? You're nothing but a bunch of messcats!
  • Ricky: A man's home is his castle, and this is my castle.

Lucy: Oh, alright, your majesty. I bow to Ricardo I, King of the Slobs!

  • Lucy: Come back in a couple of weeks, Ethel. We'll still be here- a starving Cuban and a dirty brunette!