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The O'Briens have just moved in to the apartment building. Lucy sneaks into their apartment to get a better snooping view of the O'Briens' furniture, but when she gets stuck hiding in the closet, she overhears that O'Briens reciting their lines for an upcoming TV show. Lucy jumps to conclusions and thinks that they are foreign spies ready to kill everyone and blow up the Capitol.


  • Mr. O'Brien's first name is Tom. We don't learn Mrs. O'Brien's first name.
  • Mr. O'Brien is portrayed by Hayden Rorke, who would later become well-known for his role as Dr. Bellows on the TV series I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Lucy and Ethel used Fred's binoculars to get a closer snooping view of the O'Briens' furniture.
  • We learn that Lucy's middle name is Esmeralda.
  • It is never said what type of spies the O'Briens' TV characters are, but it is obvious that they are supposed to represent Communist spies from the Soviet Union, judging by the accent the O'Briens used for the characters and the fact that this episode was filmed in the middle of Cold War hysteria and propaganda.
  • KT Stevens, who played Mrs. O'Brien in this episode, was one of Vivian Vance's closest friends.
  • This is the only time we get to see the living room window.


  • Ricky: (about Lucy and Ethel spying) I'm surprised they're not using binoculars.

Lucy: (grabs binoculars around neck) Oh, I forgot I had 'em!

  • Ethel: (about O'Briens' chair) Lucy, what period is this? 19th Century-provincial?

Lucy: Looks like 20th Century-ugly!

  • Ethel: Now that I see these lamps up close, it's too bad [the movers] didn't drop both of 'em!
  • Mr. O'Brien: (reading script) I will take care of that one, silently, with a knife in the back! (makes stabbing noise)
  • Lucy: They're gonna rub us out, and they're not gonna use an eraser, either!