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Lucy and Ethel are sick of their husbands being glued to the boxing fights on TV every Monday night. So, they try various stunts to get their husbands to pay attention to them rather than the TV. Unfortunately, several of these stunts lead to trouble with the police...


  • Ricky reads a copy of TV Guide in this episode, with Queen Elizabeth II on the cover. Lucy and newborn Desi, Jr. were on the cover of the very first TV Guide issue ever.
  • The actor who played Officer Jenkins (Allan Jenkins) played a cop in two other episodes of the show (episodes #21 and #75). He also voiced Sgt. Dibble on the cartoon Top Cat in the '60s.
  • In this episode, Lucy says that her phone number is Murray Hill 5-9975. The Ricardos' number will change many times throughout the series (same with the Mertzes' number), because the show had to keep the phone numbers as ones that were no longer in use.
  • In the boxing match that Ricky and Fred are watching, Kid ended up beating Murphy.
  • Lucy is thought to be Sticky Fingers Sal, and Ethel is thought to be Pickpocket Pearl.
  • Ricky and Fred initially bet $20 over which boxer would win the match. They added $5 more later in the match. So, thrifty Fred had to shell out a hefty $25 to Ricky for the gamble he took on ol' Murphy!
  • Ethel's comment about Fred "Ya know he's got himself trained so he can do anything in less that a minute" brought a semi extended laugh from the audience....makes you wonder what they were thinking!


  • Fred: (about bet) Make it easy on yourself.

Ricky: Alright, $10?

Fred: What's the matter? You frightened?

Ricky: $15?

Fred: How about $20?

Ricky: Oh, you must know somethin' [to bet that much]!

Fred: I know Murphy!

  • Lucy: Remember when we used to go to the movies on Ricky's night off?

Ethel: Movies? What's that?

Lucy: Oh, you know, it's sort of like television, except the screen is bigger and there's just one channel.

  • Ethel: You know, [Fred]'s got himself trained so he can do anything in less than a minute.
  • Lucy: My hair is naturally red, isn't it, Ethel?

Ethle: Uh, look, Lucy, let's not add perjury to our other charges...

  • Ethel: And my husband is... Her husband is Ricky Ricardo, the orchestra leader!
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