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There's no sign that Cousin Ernie plans to leave the Ricardo residence any time soon, so Lucy and Ricky try to think up more ways to get rid of him. Since Ernie is too proud to accept a bus ticket, Ricky buys a ticket to Bent Fork and leaves it in the middle of the hallway for Ernie to find. But Ernie asks around town for the ticket's rightful owner, and he ends up giving it away to a homeless man. So, it's back to the drawing board. Lucy next pretends that Ricky's lost his job and they're dreadfully poor, too much in the red to keep feeding Ernie. But Ernie refuses to leave family in a time of need. Ernie ends up having the Ricardos, Mertzes, and himself appear for money on the TV show Millikan's Chicken-Mash Hour. They all sing as Ernie Ford And His Four Hot Chicken Pickers, and Ernie goes home afterwards.


  • Ernie broke the Ricardos' TV set when he tried to slap Cousin Lester Byke on the back during an episode of Millikan's Chicken-Mash Hour.
  • Poverty-stricken Lucy tells Ernie that half a piece of bread is to last a person through both breakfast AND lunch.
  • Once the Ricardos returned all of the money Ernie collected from the neighbors, just 42 cents was left. This was all the money Ernie had in the world.
  • Ernie and his Chicken Pickers received $200 for appearing on Millikan's Chicken-Mash Hour.
  • Ricky says the Ricardo's "aint the hot chicken pickin' type"


  • Ethel: [Ernie] likes to look at those animals [at the zoo], doesn't he?

Lucy: Well, I think it's about 50-50.

  • Ricky: Now, where can I put [the bus ticket] so he'll be sure to find it?

Lucy: In the refrigerator.

  • Ernie: Cock your pistol, 'cause you a'int gonna believe this no how!
  • Ethel: Well, how's Cousin Ernie? Is he hurt [from the TV explosion]?

Lucy: Don't be silly. He's on his way down to the television station to tell Cousin Lester he's sorry he hit him so hard.

  • Ernie: (sees empty cupboards and fridge) Somebody around here's been actin' a hog!
  • Ernie: Mama always said I had a lotta "get-up-and-go." So, I'll just get up and go!
  • Lucy: If I weren't so sick and tired of him, I'd like him.
  • Ernie I may not know anything about this J-O-B, but I think that something's wrong!
  • Ernie: (about everyone's reluctance to be on Millikan's Chicken-Mash Hour) Now, don't say the preserves is spoiled until you take the lid off the jar!

Ricky: What does he mean by that?

Ethel: I don't know, but keep the lid on that jar!

  • Ricky: We don't nee the money. Really, we dunt.

Ernie: Now, as the whale said when he seen Jonah standin' on the bank, "I a'int a-swallowin' that!"

  • Ricky: Bring on the hot chickens, and let's start pickin'!
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