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Ricky brings home an expensive fur coat he needs to use for a prop at the club. When Lucy sees the fur coat, she thinks it's an anniversary gift from her. Ricky tries desperately to steal the coat away, both literally and figuratively.


  • The fur coat cost $3500.
  • $3500 in today's money (2016) is equivalent to over $31,000....no wonder Ricky fainted when Lucy restyled it! (Of course being the fake one only to get even with him)
  • Ricky says that he and Lucy moved in to the apartment building on August 6, 1948 (in real-life this date was Lucille Ball's 37th Birthday).
  • This episode was rerun during Lucy's maternity leave. A "flashback" intro was filmed to put before the start of the episode, where Lucy pretends she's cold and needs to bundle up at breakfast, as a way to get Ricky to buy her the fur coat she's always wanted. She also leaves the newspaper open to ads for fur coats.
  • The original script had an additional scene where Ricky turns up the thermostat to try and get Lucy out of the fur coat. The script called for Lucy to continue prancing around the hot apartment in the fur coat, and when Ricky asks Lucy how she can stand the heat with the fur, she implies that she's naked underneath the coat. This scene was deemed too risque for the times and was subsequently cut.
  • When Ethel asks Lucy when her real anniversary is, Lucy can't remember. But she can remember the following season that it's on the 19th of the month!
  • When Lucille Ball got her first mink coat (after this episode aired), she loved it so much and was so proud of its status symbol that she, too, wore it all the time, even to bed!


  • Ricky: I'm beginning to think that the coat's attached to Lucy!
  • Fred: (explaining possible plan to Ricky) She might break out with a bad case of mink pox.HeHe

Ricky: Mink's pox?

Fred: Yeah, and it sounds even worse with your accent.

  • Ricky: Please, Mr. Burglar, take our money, take our jewels, but don't take my wife's mink coat. It's worth $3500!
  • Burglar: Hand over that coat, or I'll shoot!

Lucy: Wait a minute...(lifts fur coat above chest) Okay, go ahead and shoot!

  • Lucy: (to Ethel about fake coat) Congratulations! You're the first person to ever wear a mink T-shirt!