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Even though Lucy said she'd be content staying home with the baby once he was born, she wants back in Ricky's act. She ends up sneaking in the Native American-themed show, complete with Little Ricky on her back in a papoose!


  • This is the only episode of the show that can be considered very politically incorrect and/or racist. But for the time the show was made, only having one episode with racist stereotypes is a marvel in and of itself. Lucy was very much for accepting minorities, what with marrying a Cuban and long enforcing her African-American maid, Harriet, the right to stay in white-only hotels. However, parts of this episode are still very inappropriate in this day and age, most notably Fred's "reservation" joke.
  • Ricky and the Mertzes sing "Pass That Peace Pipe."
  • Lucy gets Little Ricky to laugh for the first time when she makes a funny face. Sadly, Little Ricky won't replicate the laugh for his father.


  • Ricky: Those Indians you used to have in this country- the stories about them would really make your blood cuddle!

Fred: "Cuddle"?

Ricky: Yeah, "cuddle."

Fred: Oh, "cuddle." I thought you meant like in that song, "Curdle Up a Little Closer."

  • Fred: (about his Native American costume) How do you like-um?

Ricky: Stink-um!

  • Ricky: I thought [being in show biz] had left your mind?

Lucy: Well, it had, but you opened the door, and it flew right back in!

  • Fred: (referring to Lucy wanting to be in the act after her supposed "swan song") That swan's got a little ham in it!
  • Ricky: I'll give you one good reason [you can't be in the show]- you're a mother.

Lucy: I have just as much talent now as I had before the baby was born.

Ricky: That makes TWO good reasons!

  • Ricky: (singing to tune of "By the Waters of the Minnetonka") Come here!

Lucy: (singing and shaking her head) Uh-uhn-ah!