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Lucy dresses up as Shaherizadi, the Maharincess of Franistan, who just happens to be Ricky Ricardo's #1 fan in the world, as a way for Ricky to gain some well-earned publicity.


  • The total value of Lucy's jewelry is $43.
  • Ricky says that Franistan is "tucked right in between Switzerland and Persia," near the end of the Austrian border. Based on Lucy's costume, accent, and mannerisms, Franistan seems to be much more Persian in nature. After all, the majority of the countries ending in "stan" all are in the region used to be known as Persia (i.e. Turkmenistan, Pakistan, etc.). Fictional Franistan had lots of political issues, just like most countries in the Middle East do, unfortunately. Ricky tricked Lucy by saying that a revolution was underway to overthrow the royal rulers in the government. But if Franistan did exist, this revolution probably would have been real, too. Reporters kept questioning Lucy regarding the country's troubled politics.
  • The key birthmark of Franistanian royalty is red and black hair.
  • One of "Tiger's" henchmen is played by none other than neighbor Bill Foster!


  • Ricky: I don't feel like seeing the Mertzes, and I don't want to play cards.

Lucy: (referring to Ricky playing Solitaire) What do you call what you're doing here?

Ricky: (very sarcastically) Tiddlywinks.

Lucy: Well, you've got a black tiddly on your red wink.

  • Lucy: You don't know any royalty, do you?

Ethel: My aunt was Queen for a Day once!

  • Lucy: I'm not a Maharincess, I'm a Henna-Rinse-ess!