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With her household accounts in disarray, Lucy resorts to being a contestant on the game show "Females Are Fabulous" to win some money. The only catch is that she must introduce a stranger to Ricky as her "long-lost first husband." Lucy mistakes a bum at the door for the actor from the quiz show, so when the real actor comes over, she must do the charade all over again.


  • This is the first of three appearances of the character Freddie Fillmore.
  • For the "Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" scene, Lucy took off her false eyelashes before filming, so as not to get them wet.
  • The original name for "Females Are Fabulous" was "Women Are Wonderful."
  • The Ricardos are shown to have liquor bottles in their living room in this episode. The liquor is taken away for future episodes, so the Ricardos didn't look like drunks.
  • The "real first husband" (not the bum) was played by Vivian Vance's husband at the time, Phil Ober.
  • Fred Mertz does not appear in this episode.
  • The bum in this episode was portrayed by actress Tallulah Bankhead's real life husband.


Lucy: This is my system for paying bills. See, I throw 'em all up in the air, and those that land face-up are the winners!

Ethel: By "the winners," do you mean the ones you pay?

Lucy: Uh-huh!

Ethel: Well, what happens if they ALL land face-up?

Lucy: Well, then I switch- I only pay the ones that land face-down!

Lucy: Ricky, I want you to meet my SECOND first husband...