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"I Love Lucy" Christmas Special - Newly Colorized "Job Switching" Episode

"I Love Lucy" Christmas Special - Newly Colorized "Job Switching" Episode


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Click here to read miscellaneous trivia about the show (mostly backstage info about the main actors) that didn't get put on any of the Wiki's episode summaries.


Disclaimer for this Wiki: All images and quotes taken from I Love Lucy are provided courtesy of CBS Entertainment and Desilu Too, LLC. The vast majority of trivia facts not taken directly from dialogue/actions in a particular episode was provided by four major sources: information provided by the official I Love Lucy DVDs' "bonus" section (produced by Jess Oppenheimer's son, Gregg), The Lucy Book by Geoffrey Mark Fidelman, I Love Lucy: Celebrating Fifty Years of Love and Laughter by Elisabeth Edwards, and The 'I Love Lucy' Book by Bart Andrews. All direct quotes have, of course, been put in quotation marks.

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